Fairy Skin Derma Facial Kit

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Unlock the radiant allure of Korean Glass Skin with the Fairy Skin Derma Facial Kit. This meticulously curated set includes essentials like Derma Soap, Derma Facial Toner, Brightening Cream, and Sunblock Cream, each designed to rejuvenate, illuminate, and fortify your skin. Infused with advanced probiotics, this modern formulation addresses various concerns from melasma to acne, granting you a healthier and more confident appearance. Elevate your skincare journey and embrace the transformative power of the Derma Facial Kit.


Fairy Skin Derma Facial Kit: Unleash the Intensity of Korean Glass Skin

Embark on a Radiant Journey: Elevate your skincare regimen with the remarkable Fairy Skin Derma Facial Kit. This comprehensive set comprises essential elements that rejuvenate and enhance your skin’s well-being, ultimately granting you the coveted brilliance of Korean Glass Skin.

Comprehensive Kit Contents:

  • Derma Soap 135g: Begin your transformation with the gentle efficacy of our Derma Soap, effectively cleansing away impurities and laying the foundation for a luminous complexion.
  • Derma Facial Toner 60ml: Immerse your skin in the revitalizing embrace of our Derma Facial Toner, fostering a harmonized tone and optimal absorption.
  • Brightening Cream 10g: Embrace the nocturnal enchantment of our Brightening Cream, designed to renew and replenish your skin while you sleep.
  • Sunblock Cream 10g: Safeguard your skin against the sun’s harmful rays with our Sunblock Cream, an indispensable shield during your daytime escapades.

Modern Formulation, Amplified Efficacy:

Empowered by an advanced formulation, the Derma Facial Set now harnesses the prowess of PROBIOTICS. These probiotics not only bolster the skin’s barrier but also combat inflammation and oxidative stress, reigniting your skin’s innate luminosity.

Benefits Beyond Expectations:

From melasma to acne, from lackluster complexion to blemishes, the Derma Facial Set showcases its prowess across an extensive spectrum of skin concerns. Witness the revelation of tightened pores, heightened luminosity, and the restored confidence that comes with a healthier appearance.

Guided Usage for Optimal Impact:

  • Wet the Derma Soap and work it into a luxurious lather. Gently massage the foam onto your face for 30 seconds, then rinse with water and delicately pat dry.
  • Apply a few drops of Derma Facial Toner to a cotton pad and delicately pat it across your face, ensuring complete and thorough absorption.
  • Embrace the serene ritual of evening skincare by applying Derma Brightening Cream, employing a modest amount over your face and neck.
  • As you embrace the day’s adventures, fortify your skin’s defense with Derma Sunscreen Gel Cream following your use of Derma Facial Toner. Apply this protective shield generously 30 minutes prior to sun exposure.

Elevate Your Glow: Embark on a transformative journey towards radiant skin with the compelling prowess of Fairy Skin Derma Facial Kit. Elevate your skincare routine and bask in the dazzling intensity of Korean Glass Skin, an aspiration that is now yours to attain.

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Fairy Skin Derma Facial Kit

Fairy Skin Derma Facial Kit

9,52 $35,00 $

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